As an ally in the Stern community, this is what I promise:

1. I will not demand proof of the inequality others are working to resist.
2. I will recognize that my privilege may blind me to others’ experiences of injustice.
3. I will not use my relationship with a member of a marginalized group as evidence of my understanding.
4. I will not treat allyship as an identity, but as a choice that I regularly renew with my actions.
5. I will be open to learning and expanding my consciousness by listening more and talking less.
6. I will not see myself as a savior. I'll see that I'm joining groups already working to save themselves.
7. I will engage others who share my identity in positive conversations about those who don’t.
8. I will realize the only requirement for allyship is a commitment to justice and human equality.
9. I will not always understand, and I will not always do it right; when I don’t, I will try to be better.
10. I will realize that the rights that I have are not valid unless I fight for the same rights for others.

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